KINESTHETIC         ARTS -  Making Learning Kinesthetic and Creative
 Kinesthetic Arts: Workshops and Residencies
Kinetic Energy in the Visual Arts: See Art, Hear Art, Move Art
  • Students learn to view art through the dynamism of the energy they see in the marks, lines, planes, directions, and shapes of artworks.  Dr. Herman guides students in movement and drawing explorations using the elements and "effort actions" described by Rudolf Laban.  After the movement explorations, students discuss and create sound effects with percussion instruments to accompany their moving- sound transformations of their favorite paintings or sculptures.  Dr. Herman presents this workshop for elementary art classes and at George Mason University's graduate class in museum art taught by Dr. Renee Sandel.  Her book Kinetic Kaleidoscope has student journal writing as well as movement explorations.
Awesome Architecture: Overview of Historical Time Periods from Egypt to Modern
  • Students learn to recognize prototypical buildings and their salient architectural features through a chant and game in which they identify large posters of the buildings in sequential order.  Movements are connected with basic structures such as keystones, flying buttresses, and types of columns. They also use movement to gain a kinesthetic understanding of concepts such as tension, torsion, and compression.  Materials are left with the teachers.
  • In the younger children's workshop, they relate architecture types to animal homes.
Speaking in Sculpted Silence: The Art of Mime Workshop-Demo
  • Working with our bodies to communicate ideas expands our nonverbal repertoire and opens up a whole new world of kinesthetic thinking and relationships.  Mime is the intersection between dance and drama and is also a classical art form for many cultures including India, Japan, Greece and Rome.  Enjoy the activities and mime techniques you will learn together (e.g. Warm-up & Mime Illusions, the Opposite Machine and Adverb Game), but know there are no restrictions.  Creativity abounds in mimetic explorations.  Students learn to apply a mime mask for the final activity when we will perform "The Wonderful World of Mime" for each other.  This Mime Workshop-Demo applies to any subject's vocabulary and grade level.  Every word has a physical component.  Percussion sound effects are added during the performance with folk instruments, which enable students to use kinesthetic and musical abilities.
Minds in Motion: Transforming Concepts into Movement and/or Stories
  • Moving bodies and thinking minds with chants and charts are used to help young K-4 students learn nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. 
  •  Science topics such as pollution, dinosaurs, foods, occupations, regional characteristics of a state, geographical forms, mammals, one celled creatures, etc., come alive through Minds in Motion.  Students and Organic Storyteller™, Gail N. Herman, create a story which is narrated and acted by the students.  Content will be Common Core Related!
  • Social Studies content is used to review ideas through group movement  strategies and biographical stories.
  • "Geometrees"  A story about a student who is trying to learn the names of angles and lines... Students in the class help Gail retell the story using movements and sounds. The Math King and Queen have to rename their "subjects" as they take their figures out of the complicated Number Jungle into the land of the Geometrees where all the trees are firmly square rooted! 
We Tell Our Stories to Discover What We Need to Write and Rewrite-
Performance and 3 Workshops as Follow-up
  1. Dr Herman performs stories and takes students through a number of creative strategies to writing personal and family stories or folktales and folk-structured stories.
  2. Folktales Around the World- Performances and workshops
  3. Tall Tales and Lies- Stories about Our Pets and Adventures
  • Tailored to grade levels PreK-2, 3-5                                                           
    Dr. Herman will share stories from various cultures.  She uses mime and sound effects with world percussion folk instruments as well as audience participation.  Workshops are also available as follow-up for creative writing and skill development.
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